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About Us

We are a creative production and communications hub operating in Nairobi, Kenya. We have been in the communication industry for over decades. Many brands know how to find us. But, why? Because we are fully committed to achieving the unimaginable within your budget and needs at a reasonable price. We like to shake things up a little and always take a fresh approach to our projects. With offices in Nairobi and Netherlands, our field of work is as diverse as our teams’ backgrounds. Our team consists of creative experts with decades of hands-on experience, primarily with skills to excel in making things happen.

MMA is in it for the long run, we are tirelessly reinventing ourselves and the way we work. We believe in building genuine, sustainable relationships with our clients and only take on projects we truly know how to navigate around. We have a straightforward and action-oriented approach and are results-oriented to remain aware and socially engaged, always able to directly respond to new developments

  • not only in the media but in our society to clients’ satisfaction.

The combination of the above makes us your ideal partner in the marketing and producing content in your visibility journey.